Welcome to Dusty Ink

DUSTY INK is a boutique Public Relations firm offering Public Relations, Marketing & Event Planning services. 

Our Services

PR Building

  • Media Relations
  • Event Planning & Production
  • Social Media Management / Campaigns
  • Publicity
  • Blog Creation / Management
  • Press Kits, EPK
  • Professional Writing & Press Releases
  • Marketing Consultation & Report

Wire Services

Radio / TV / Broadcast / Print / Web   

  • Trade (B2B) 
  • National Trade & Consumer
  • International Trade & Consumer                                                    

Rush Services

  • 24 hour turn-around 
  • 12 hour  turn-around 

*Unsolicited placement opportunities in the media are available at competitive rates as they come available. Companies retaining DUSTY INK will receive first rights to placement.

About Us

Dusty Marie, CEO, Publicist, Owner of DUSTY INK

Knowledge & Experience

DUSTY INK is a boutique PR firm established by Dusty Marie over 7 years ago. Marie’s a recognized marketing executive and publicist for the entertainment industry with a decade of experience.

We Fit Your Needs

DUSTY INK is designed to fit the diverse needs of large and small businesses, offering a full range of Public Relation services including: media relations, event production, social media optimization & campaigns, blog creation  & management, affiliate marketing, plus premium writing and media wire services.

Our Guarantee

DUSTY INK is committed to your satisfaction by providing the highest level of customer service with personal attention and fast turnaround. 

Services are based on your needs & budget, with no long term contracts. You get worry-free, hassle-free services without the payroll & overhead of an in-house operation.

All Contracts are guaranteed.


Derek Sante, Clear Channel Network

“Dusty excels in her field and delivers up to date information and products that benefit the media and her clients in many ways.” --Derek Sante, National Reporter, Review Nation / Game ON! / Clear Channel Network

Richard Arnold, CEO Pure Play Media

"Dusty did a great job for us. We would give her little direction and she would take it and create exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend her." --Richard Arnold, CEO Pure Play Media


Aaron Campbell, MagicHour Productions

"Dusty is a hard-working people person in the truest sense of the word, who also happens to be very good at her job. She gets the job done, on time, under the toughest conditions and never complains. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a publicist/marketing expert." -- Aaron Campbell, MagicHour Productions


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